The health of your mouth can affect the overall health of your body. However, some people believe that oral treatments and surgeries can result in adverse health conditions – including breast cancer. This claim is obviously a myth, of course. Nobody has ever gotten cancer because of root canal treatment and there is no scientific evidence validating this myth. Here are some health myths about root canals that have been debunked:


There have been claims that a large percentage of the population that underwent root canal treatment developed tumor in the same side of their body that underwent the endodontic treatment. However, the American Association of Endodontists say there is no scientific research backing this statement. In fact, the myth began as a result of a poor research in the early 1900s that claimed that bacteria left in the mouth after a root canal treatment can travel to other areas of the body and infect them, resulting in cancer. However, multiple studies over the decades prove that root canals are very safe procedures.


Some people believe that it is better to have their tooth extracted than to go a root canal procedure. Although there are certainly times when it is better for the tooth to be removed; if the tooth is in a position to be restored, root canal is the best option to save it. Extracting tooth can cause shifting of remaining teeth and bone resorption in the area and to prevent that you will need to get a dental bridge or a dental implant, which are pretty expensive.


This may be true decades ago, but today, thanks to newer surgical procedures and better anesthesia, root canal treatments are usually no more uncomfortable than having your tooth filled. In fact, people feel much more relieved after a root canal treatment since they often suffer from a lot of pain before the procedure.


Root canals have also been blamed for Alzheimer’s Disease and some people believe they can also spread the disease to other people, particularly if the dentist uses contaminated equipment. In reality, most dentists use single-use tools to clean out your tooth chamber or thoroughly sterilize their instruments before using them on someone else. Plus, Alzheimer’s disease is not contagious. So if you are recommended a root canal procedure, don’t panic. At BayView Dental, root canal treatment is the best way to save your tooth. If you have any concerns regarding the procedure, you can talk to Our doctors and by calling at (941) 479-3644 today.