Tooth Colored Fillings

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Tooth Colored Fillings

The beauty of tooth-colored filling is that not only do they fulfill a need and provide relief and protection to your damaged teeth, but the tooth-colored filling also allows you to conceal repairs very effectively. These fillings are very reliable, long lasting, and safe.

The rise behind the popularity of tooth-colored filling is due to the visibility and aesthetically unpleasing nature of the amalgam based dental filling. Though amalgam based filling has been around for a century, the fact that it can be distracting and unsightly has put off many people from choosing these silver-colored fillings.

The Procedure

The process of filling the tooth is quiet straight forward regardless of the material being used. First the dentist administers anesthesia by an injection to the gum. The groundwork is laid by removing plaque and decay to prepare the tooth for restoration. Filling material is then poured into the tooth and bonded to the tooth.

When getting amalgam fillings to achieve a structural shape that matches the shape of the tooth; a series of undercuts are made to retain the integrity of the material in place. Healthy tooth material is scraped and shaped to make it conform to the filling and vice versa. This is a necessary process as a structurally weak tooth may be vulnerable to cracks and chips. No such measures are necessary for the composite resin as it adheres to the shape of the tooth effectively providing more lasting and reliable tooth restoration.

Best Use

These resins are best suited for minor to moderate cavity problems. However, this typifies the actual problem itself as these are minor holes with major implications if not treated right. The number of visits required and the amount of work done is totally dependent on the size of the restoration required.

Regardless of the amount of work required, it is always better to consult a professional as they will be able to guide and help you achieve the best possible results, be it colored or a non-colored filling.

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