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Mouthguard - Sports Guard

Sweaty boy with mouth guard in his mouthHave you seen a pitcher get hit in the mouth by a pitch? It’s not pretty. The last time we were at a game, we saw a batter get hit in the face by a pitch. He grimaced, and it was obvious there was bruising. Luckily for the batter, his teeth were ok. He was wearing a mouthguard that protected his teeth. We started thinking about how often a sports injury can derail someone’s oral health. In fact, not protecting your mouth against a sports injury could be very dangerous. Whether you play a contact sport or not, mouthguards are vital. If you haven’t given a thought to mouthguards, keep reading. Let BayView Dental give you information about mouthguards.

What Is A Mouthguard?

You have probably seen a mouthguard, even if you don’t know exactly what a mouthguard is. Mouthguards fit over your teeth. They protect your teeth and gums from a blow to the face. Blows to the face happen quite often in sports, whether you play a contact sport or not. Many people who are active in sports wear a mouthguard whenever they are playing a sport or practicing sports wear.

There are athletes that always wear mouthguards for any activity they do- even if they are merely exercising. Mouthguards work the same way that your car bumper works. Mouthguards use the energy from a blow to the face and spreads it out over the entire mouth. This protects the teeth from injury.

Why Are Mouthguards Important?

There are many reasons you might choose to wear a mouthguard. You may want to consider the implications of not wearing a mouthguard. Several million athletes are injured playing their sport each year. 30% of all sports injuries are to the face, including the teeth and mouth. While bones and sprained limbs heal, damage to teeth and gums can be permanent.

For example, if you take a blow to the face, you might have cracked or broken teeth. You could even lose your teeth due to injury. If you damage your teeth too badly, we might have to extract the teeth before they cause too much damage. Over time, the missing teeth could have lasting impacts on your jawbone and the structure of your face.

Fitting A Mouthguard

Fitting you with a mouthguard is simple. You come in to see us, and we take an impression of your teeth. We will make you a mouthguard. Then you will come back in to get your mouthguard fitted. We need to make sure it fits over your teeth and gums perfectly. That’s it. The whole process is relatively simple. Of course, every time that you need to see us, bring your mouthguard. That way, we can check it and make sure it is still in good shape. Over time, your mouthguard will wear down and need to be replaced. It will also have to be changed as your mouth changes. Do you have questions about your mouthguard?

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