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Laser Dentistry

dental laserWhen you think of lasers, what do you think fewer? Do you think about lightsabers and superheroes? We do. We think about that every single day, because let’s face it, who doesn’t love Star Wars or The Avengers? However, lasers are more than just a cool toy or movie prop. Lasers have significant use in the medical community. We use laser dentistry all of the time as a way we can help your teeth, gums and other mouth structures to be healthier. Did you know that lasers were not used outside of the movies 40 years ago?

In fact, lasers were only used in science labs for decades. However, we can use them now to make changes in your mouth with less bleeding, less pain, and less stitches. Want to know how? Let BayView Dental tell you about the wonders of laser dentistry.

What Are Lasers, Anyway?

Lasers are light that has been amplified and concentrated. Scientists can concentrate the light into a narrow beam. The laser can perform all sorts of operations. Because the light is concentrated, its power is much higher than ordinary light alone. When lasers came in in the 1960s, they were lightsabers to manage. They were unpredictable. They were also not studied seriously for applications until the 1980s. However, once lasers were studied, scientists found they were useful in a variety of ways.

One way that lasers have been useful is in the area of medicine and especially surgery. Before lasers, every surgery had to be performed with a scalpel. Surgeons would have to make an incision to put something in or take something out, which meant that you were at risk of infection. Lasers don’t make an incision. Doctors can perform surgery without cutting people open. This means there is less risk of infection. There is also less bleeding and suturing because lasers can instantly cauterize a wound. Also, lasers make many types of surgery more affordable. All of these innovations are better for the patient and the patient’s wallet.

Use in Dentistry

Medicine is not the only place lasers are useful. We can also use them in dentistry. Lasers can work miracles in dental practice, especially on soft tissues. Lasers can be used to drill out a cavity. They are amazing at that because they also get rid of any infection before we fill a cavity, which is great. We can also use lasers to help treat gum disease. Just like lasers work on bacteria in a cavity, we also use lasers to clean an infection from your gums. It reduces the pain and bleeding from a gum cleaning as well. We can use lasers to remove excess gum tissue and make your teeth less sensitive to hot or cold food and drink. Lasers can achieve great things in dentistry.

Do you want more information about lasers? Give BayView Dental a call at one of our 7 convenient locations now! We would love to talk with you about how great lasers are for dental use.

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