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Tooth Extraction

Woman holding cheek due to tooth acheWe know that you tried your best. You may have brushed and flossed every day. You may have even visited us twice a year. However, even though you tried your best, you may have a tooth that can’t be saved. Perhaps you had an accident and injured your teeth. You might have been hit with a ball in the mouth. You could break a tooth on a pretzel- we had a patient this happened to. Sometimes, we have to take a tooth out because of tooth decay or even gum disease. Need to know more about tooth removal- also called extractions? BayView Dental can tell you more about why extractions might save another tooth.

Why Do I Have To Lose a Tooth?

There might be several reasons you need to get a tooth extracted. People often have to get a tooth removed because they have tooth decay. If you have tooth decay, it means that you have cavities. Cavities are caused by bacteria. Bacteria are always present in your mouth, but if you brush and floss, and eat fruits and veggies, you can prevent a lot of tooth decay. That’s because bacteria don’t cause tooth decay right away.

Bacteria eat holes in your teeth. If we catch it early enough, we can fill the hole made by the bacteria quickly and save the tooth. If we don’t catch it early, the bacteria will eventually eat a hole in your tooth down to the nerve and the pulp, which means you will have serious pain. We can try and save the tooth by doing a root canal- but there are times that the tooth cannot be saved. We then have no choice but to perform a tooth extraction, because the infection can spread to other teeth, which means you could lose several teeth instead of one tooth.

Gum disease can also cause tooth loss. Gum disease and tooth decay are a lot alike. Both begin because of bacteria. Both can be stopped and treated with a dental visit. Both can also cause much damage if they are not treated. Gum disease is an infection or an inflammation at the gumline. If we don’t catch it early, it can lead to deterioration of your gums and tooth loss. Sometimes, we have no choice but to remove teeth with severe gum disease to save other teeth.

The Procedure

While many people think tooth extraction is really painful, it may give you relief from pain. You may have been in much pain from your infected tooth. You might also be suffering from much pain from a gum infection. Tooth extractions may help relieve your pain by taking out an infected tooth. The procedure for tooth removal is very simple. We deaden the area with shots and gels, so you feel nothing. We then use a tool to loosen the tooth root and remove the tooth. Are you in pain from a tooth that needs to be extracted?

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Need to know more about tooth removal- also called extractions? BayView Dental can tell you more about why extractions might save another tooth.
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