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Digital Radiography

Dentist explaining digital x-ray picture to patientIt seems we deal with new technology every day of one kind or another. Every time we turn around, there is some new technology on the horizon. Did you ever think we would have a portable secretary that would control our appointments, climate, music, and grocery list with a voice command? Alternatively, that we would have cars with no drivers? We didn’t either. While some new technology is meant for consumers, we have lassoed technology to help us treat you better. Have you ever heard of digital radiography? It is one of the new technologies we use every day to help you keep your mouth healthy. Let BayView Dental give you some information about digital radiography and why it is so important.

The Latest Technology

There are many things that have gone digital in the last 10 years. Think about music, for example. Millions of people in the United States listen to digital music every day, as opposed to records or CDs. Now we have digital x-rays, which are faster and much more efficient than traditional x-rays. In the past, we had to take the x-rays, which may or may not have been clear. We wouldn’t know for days. That was a problem because if you had something wrong with your mouth, we had to call you back in to fix it. Now, however, we can use digital technology to take x-rays, we can begin to fix your problems while you are sitting in our chair. We use digital x-rays to take a look at your jaw, gums, and teeth.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays allow us to take pictures both inside and outside your mouth. We can take two pictures of the inside of your mouth, which gives us a complete picture. We can also take pictures outside your mouth. Depending on what we are looking for, we may need to use a rotating x-ray machine or a digital x-ray that allows us to take two pictures from inside your mouth. Both types of x-rays are available to us immediately. Our new technology is advanced enough that we can see problems nearly as soon as they developed. In years past, potential problems would have to be visible before we could see them and treat them. Now we can get you into treatment for whatever ails you quickly and effectively.

Digital radiography allows us to see problems with your teeth, gums, jawbone, and jaw joints. If a problem shows up, such as an impacted tooth, or a problem with your jaw joint, we can get it fixed for you as soon as possible. How great is that? If you have questions about digital radiography, or the types of x-rays we use, give BayView Dental a call at one of our 7 convenient locations now. Let us talk to you about how we use digital radiography, and what types of digital radiography we offer. We love using technology to make your life better! Give us a call today and let us make you an appointment.

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