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Uncommon Foods that Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Posted on 12/7/2020 by BayView Dental
Uncommon Foods that Keep Your Teeth HealthyWhile we all know about foods that keep the teeth healthy, such as milk, cheese, and yogurt, some foods, which are not so common, also have healthy effects on the teeth. The following information gives you more details about these dental-friendly foods.

What are Some Foods that You Can Eat that You May Not Know Lead to Healthier Teeth?

While no one food can replace regular dental care, you can find some surprising foods that contain nutrients that make your teeth and gums healthier. For example, one of the foods that is not thought to be so common, when it comes to dental health is salmon. The vitamin D in the fish allows the body to efficiently absorb calcium. Moreover, the fish also contains calcium. Therefore, salmon is an ideal food to eat if you want healthier teeth and gums. Another uncommon dental food are sesame seeds. While you may think these seeds may cause you a problem, getting stuck between the teeth, they also scrub away plaque and are high in calcium. Just make sure you remove them immediately if they do get caught between the teeth. To avoid this type of problem, try eating the seeds baked into bread.

Raw Onions Also Rank High In Keeping Teeth Healthy

One of the more surprising foods that you can eat to keep your gums and teeth healthy are onions. After all, most of us think of onions as foods that can cause mouth odors. Therefore, people try to stay away from them for this reason. However, onions, when raw, are incredibly healthy for the teeth. The onion contains antibacterial sulfur compounds that work at killing harmful bacteria on the teeth. Therefore, you can keep your teeth in tip-top shape by eating raw onions. However, if you choose to eat the food, make sure you brush or chew sugarless gum afterwards.

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