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How Bone Resorption Begins After Losing a Tooth

Posted on 6/22/2020 by BayView Dental
How Bone Resorption Begins After Losing a ToothWhen you lose a tooth, or they need to be extracted, the bone that was previously supported by your teeth doesn't have a job anymore. As such, it will deteriorate, or reabsorb — picture in your mind someone who does not have any teeth at all. When the posterior teeth, in particular, are missing, the back of your mouth will collapse because the bone is deteriorating. That is why people use dentures. The dentures will be able to accelerate the process of resorption. That is because of the pressure on the underlying bone and on your gums. What that means is that it will help stop the bone resorption.


When you are experiencing bone resorption or deteriorating, your jawbone is weakening as well. The jawbone is vital for supporting dentures, which help your bones from reabsorbing. If the patient is only missing a few teeth, a dental plant will be harder to place, and an implant may require bone grafting before anything else is done to replace the part of your jaw that you are missing.

Another consequence of bone resorption after losing a tooth is that as your jawbone disappears. This means your lips, cheeks, and jawbone height will sink, and change as well. Those changes will result in damage to your face and appearance and result in you looking older.


To prevent bone resorption after losing a tooth, you can use dental implants as they have a similar function as a tooth root that you would have naturally. In addition to this, it causes stimulation to the bone at the same time. Your jawline forms a connection to the implant, which in turn, creates a necessary foundation. In most cases, we will use a dental implant right after extracting a tooth from a patient.

If your bone loss is part of another condition, a different treatment will likely be used instead. Many factors go into this decision, including how far your bone resorption has already gone. No matter the specific situation, we will be able to help you and treat your bone resorption.

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