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Comfortable Soft Tissue Treatment

It’s easy to focus just on your teeth when you think about having a healthy and attractive smile. But your gum tissues are an equally important aspect of oral health. Your gums provide security for teeth so they remain stable and create a protective barrier against harmful bacteria. Sometimes, this soft tissue isn’t as healthy as it can be (gum recession) or is simply not functioning properly (tongue-tie). When this is the case, turn to our restorative dentists at BayView Dental Associates for soft tissue treatment in Sarasota, FL. With personalized care made affordable with insurance and financing, we’ll restore health to your gums and beauty to your smile!

Signs of Soft Tissue Problems

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Select Soft Tissue Treatments


Gum Recontouring

Too much gum tissue covering your teeth can make them appear small or short and give you a “gummy” smile look. With care and precision, we’ll reshape the gum tissue and remove excess bone around your teeth to restore better symmetry and improve your tooth-to-gum ratio. Soft tissue recontouring, crown lengthening, and gingivectomy procedures rebalance your smile and restore your confidence!



That slender tissue connecting your top lip to your gums or your tongue to the bottom of your mouth are each called a frenulum. If either of these tissues is too restrictive, you may have difficulty speaking or eating leading to a tongue-tie or lip-tie. Receiving a frenectomy in Sarasota, FL releases this problematic tissue, freeing you to get full enjoyment out of meals, conversations, and even simply smiling.



Gums affected by gum disease will need more targeted treatment to remove the bacteria causing inflammation and infection. A gingivectomy removes the damaged soft tissue so the remaining gums can be reattached around teeth. This treatment reduces the pockets surrounding teeth and can improve overall smile aesthetics, too.



Peri-implantitis is a dangerous inflammation of the gum tissues around a dental implant. Similar to gum disease, this inflammation is caused by bacteria from plaque and calculus buildup. Peri-implantitis treatment cleans the teeth and periodontal pockets, removes bacteria, and cuts away damaged gums. Healthy gums that reattach help to re-stabilize the dental implant and reduce the risk of its failure.

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