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Considering Soft Tissue Treatments?

While your teeth are the crown jewel of your signature smile, soft tissues like your gums don’t often get the care and attention they deserve. Most individuals are focused on their teeth and often overlook the important functions of the gums. Primarily, your gums act as a shield that keeps infection from penetrating the root of the tooth, they also hold your teeth securely in place. Sometimes having too little or too much soft tissue can impact your desired smile aesthetics resulting in a personal fixation around imperfections.

Too much gum tissue covering your teeth can make them appear small or short and give you a “gummy” smile look. With care and precision, we’ll reshape the gum tissue and remove excess bone around your teeth to restore better symmetry and improve your tooth-to-gum ratio. Our skilled dentist at BayView Dental offers personalized periodontal treatments in Bradenton, FL to gently reshape your gum tissues while promoting long-term oral health and satisfaction.

Common Causes of Gummy Smiles

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Expert Crown Lengthening Treatment

Our crown lengthening in Bradenton, FL has both aesthetic and functional purposes. While many patients seek treatment for cosmetic concerns, we provide treatment for a gummy smile to promote oral health, too. Excessive gum tissues can harbor bacterial plaque underneath, increasing the risk for tooth decay and infection. Our dentist has the training to determine the cause of your condition and consider both the functional and aesthetic aspects of your treatment. Planning is also crucial to ensure the most aesthetic outcomes of your procedure.

Our dentist will precisely map out the most natural height of each tooth and arch of the gums around them. Using considerable skill, we make sure that each individually treated tooth creates a stunningly balanced smile with the proper tooth-to-gum ratio. Next, you’ll undergo crown lengthening surgery while under sedation, where our dentist will gently remove the planned amount of tissue. You’ll experience minor swelling and discomfort after the procedure, but the aesthetic results of your surgery will be noticeable soon after. Enjoy your attractive, new smile for years to come!

Achieve a healthy balance in your smile.

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