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A Patient Testimonial for a BayView Dentist

The staff was very friendly and explained what the procedure for the crown was going to be. Went over it step by step and asked if I had any questions. I felt very relaxed and in good hands with all of the assitants and dentist. In my opinion, this Dr. Liszewski is the best dentist [...]

A Patient Testimonial for a BayView Dentist 2014-06-04T11:00:46+00:00

Bad Breath

Halitosis, or in layman terms, bad breath, has been a cause for embarrassment for most of us at some point in our lives. Products are marketed to provide quick fixes for such problems, use of minted chewing gums, mouthwashes, even mouth fresheners have been introduced to remedy bad breath. […]

Bad Breath 2014-03-05T13:21:14+00:00

New Dentist at Bayview Dental

BayView Dental Associates announce NEW Dentist Sarasota, FL – It’s only March and 2014 has been met with so much excitement for BayView Dental Associates. Last month we unveiled our new logo and this month we have announced the arrival of a new dentist to join our Arlington Street location. We are so excited to [...]

New Dentist at Bayview Dental 2017-05-10T14:12:37+00:00

Right Age for Dental Implants

What Is The Right Age For Dental Implants? If you think dental implants are only for senior adults, you may be wrong there. Marketing ads for tooth replacement may have featured smiling adults, but it is not a tool suitable only for them. Dental implants are suitable for almost all adults and not just senior [...]

Right Age for Dental Implants 2017-05-10T14:12:37+00:00

Pregnancy, Hormones & Oral Health

Women experience a lot physiological and emotional changes during the pregnancy which results from an increased level of hormones in the female body. These hormones regulate many aspects of the female body. Even more surprising to some is the fact that these hormonal changes can have a profound adverse effect on your oral health. [...]

Pregnancy, Hormones & Oral Health 2014-02-28T21:25:49+00:00