Once you get your teeth professionally cleaned and polished, you may wonder about the advisability of eating food or even drinking a cola. While some foods can be eaten easily, a cleaning can increase sensitivity. Therefore, some foods or drinks should be avoided. Use the following information to keep your newly cleaned smile looking good.


Don’t eat any foods, after you have your teeth cleaned, that could get stuck in your gums. A good example of these foods includes chips, nuts, popcorn, and sticky and chewy foods, such as chocolate with caramel and dried fruits. You also don’t want to eat foods with a high acid content, such as citrus, tomatoes, and fruit juices. Red wine is not good, nor are heavily seasoned or spicy foods. Bigger foods that cause you to open your mouth wide, such as sandwiches, can make it harder to heal after a deeper type of cleaning, such as scaling and root planing.


It is alright to eat foods that are easy to swallow and won’t wreak havoc on sensitive gums and teeth. Examples of these foods include soups, soft-cooked rice, bananas, mashed potatoes, eggs, and soft bread. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and to wash away any debris in the mouth. If you experience ongoing sensitivity, give our office a call to have it checked.

We are always glad to assist in keeping your smile whiter and brighter. That is why it is important to eat healthily and stay away from foods that can dull or negatively impact your smile. Give us a call today if you need to have your teeth cleaned and examined. We can also be contacted online 24/7. Following a plan of good nutrition and scheduling dental visits every six months will also improve your health overall.