You should always have all emergency numbers on speed dial. That includes our office number as well. If you have a dental emergency, the last thing you want to do is look up our number. It is simply better to hit the speed dial listing so you can speak to us right away.


In some cases, you may wonder if you should contact us immediately or wait. In all cases, call us. We will just schedule an appointment a couple days in advance if you do not require emergency services. Typically, a dental emergency is any dental concern that needs to be treated without delay. In this case, an emergency is a condition that requires immediate care to stop bleeding, to save a tooth, or to alleviate excessive pain. When you call our office, tell us what happened and your symptoms. We can then determine if you need to come into our office immediately or can set an appointment for a future date.


In some cases, you may think your dental concern is an emergency. However, it may be something that can wait. For instance, a chipped or cracked tooth is considered an emergency when you experience severe pain. However, we can schedule a later appointment if you are not experiencing pain, or no sharp fragments have been left inside your mouth. You can also set an appointment for a day or so later to treat a toothache, provided the discomfort is minimal. As long as you don’t have facial swelling or a high fever, this type of pain is not considered an emergency.

As noted, regardless of your reason for calling our office, you should always contact us when you have any dental concern. Put our number on speed dial so you can easily call us in case of an emergency. Sometimes an emergency happens. If it does, you can feel confident that it will be addressed when you give us a call.