Right Age for Dental Implants

Right Age for Dental Implants

What Is The Right Age For Dental Implants?

If you think dental implants are only for senior adults, you may be wrong there. Marketing ads for tooth replacement may have featured smiling adults, but it is not a tool suitable only for them. Dental implants are suitable for almost all adults and not just senior folks!

Implants are today’s best option for tooth replacement and help many people who suffer from missing or failing permanent teeth. Of course, as a dentist it is our goal to save as many of your permanent teeth as possible but in case of tooth loss, implants are the best solution. In children, implants are not generally used when the jaw is still growing.

The Implant System

Why is the dental implant system such a good option for tooth replacement? Let’s briefly understand the implant itself first. Implant is a small screw shaped device made of titanium metal with a unique property – it becomes fused with the living bone tissue when placed in the jaw by a minor surgical procedure. This provides a solid anchor for the crown, which is the solid part of the replacement tooth. It is attached to the implant by an abutment – a connecting piece.

The implant provides the replacement tooth with a firm foundation that will not come loose, as it is fixed securely in the jaw. Unlike bridges, it also does not depend on other teeth for support. The bone loss process, which occurs in the area where a tooth was formerly located, is stopped by installing dental implants. The erosion of the bone begins as soon as the tooth is lost and can create an appearance of premature aging. It may also lead to further dental problems.

Why You May Need Implants?

Younger people may also suffer from tooth loss due to an accident, sports injury, or teeth grinding habit. Lifestyle choices such as poor nutrition, excessive consumption of sugary substances, and lack of proper dental hygiene are also factors, which may allow moderate problems to get worse.

Tooth decay or periodontal disease is a major cause of tooth loss and may develop at any age. In younger people, a few conditions may cause serious dental problems, such as Bulimia. If stomach acids enter the mouth, they can erode tooth enamel rapidly. Gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD) causes similar problems.

When Should You Get Implants?

A major goal of modern dentistry is to preserve your natural teeth. But when it’s difficult to do so, implants are considered. Implants may be more expensive initially as compared to other traditional tooth replacement methods such as bridges or removable dentures, but they last longer with regular care. It makes them of great value for younger people and can make them look and feel great and natural.

If you are experiencing tooth problems, call our office to get in touch for a consultation for dental implants. You can learn from Dear Doctor Magazine’s in depth guide, “Dental Implants”.