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We are sounded by complex devices all around us- from long-range satellite links to powerful hand held gadgets-proving we live in a technology driven world. Technology is also constantly changing dental practices and procedures, improving the way diseases are diagnosed, routine procedures are performed and illnesses are prevented. New and improved dental technologies offer plenty of real benefits for patients, which may often be overlooked. Following are some latest examples, coming soon or already available at a dental clinic near you:

Air abrasion can make the high-pitched whine of a dental drill outdated! You no longer have to get bothered by the noise and vibration when sitting in for a dental procedure involving a dental drill. This tiny hand held device works like a mini sandblaster, removing tiny amounts of tooth material with controlled precision.

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Don’t like needles? Worry no more. A pen like device, which meters out the exact amount of anesthesia you need, pre numbing the insertion site, so you will not feel a thing!
You think an x-ray of your teeth is good. Wait until you get an on-screen movable 3-D representation image of your jaws! Cone beam CT imaging creates a virtual model of your mouth by taking a series of x-ray “slices” and stitching the images together using a powerful computer program. It can be used to diagnose a disease, plan procedures, and visualize internal structures, all of which may be hard to do before without a surgery.
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Dental implants are today’s most preferred method for tooth replacement. In fact, tooth replacement moved forward with a giant leap with the use of dental implants. Dental implants are small titanium posts replacing the root of your missing tooth. A realistic dental crown is then attached to the implant, creating a replacement tooth that looks exactly like your natural tooth.
A digital way to take a model impression of your teeth. Digital imaging device just made biting down putty-like material to take a model of your teeth a thing of the past. Now, your teeth can be “dusted” with reflective powder, and recorded by a special camera. A 3-D model is made out of a series of images, which is then used to assess a tooth’s condition.
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Diagnostic x-rays are invaluable to dentistry. The emergence and advancement in digital technology has; however, made digital x-rays safer and more useful. Radiation exposure to patients is cut by as much as 90% using digital technology. Other advantages of digital x-rays include elimination of waiting time for pictures to develop and sharper images to enhance detail.
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A picture is priceless to help you understand your dental examination, diagnosis, and treatment! These tiny cameras allow you to see what a dentist sees, on a small monitor. The images of your teeth can be saved as a still or video and can also be printed out.
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Inside DVD players and scanner wands, these are now making their dental debut! Lasers are now being used in dentistry to detect tiny spots of tooth decay, treat gum diseases, and remove cancerous cells in mouth. Laser is also employed in performing gum surgery and even cavity treatment.



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