The Why, When, How and Where of Tongue Scraping

The Tongue  We’re going inside your mouth, of course, to your tongue – this is a dental article, after all! Because whether you know it or not, your tongue is also “all covered up” with a film– buried beneath layers of bacteria, fungi, and food residue that can inhibit your ability to taste, make [...]

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Smile Makeover for a Fresh New Look

A Smile Makeover is a Beautiful Investment What is a smile makeover? A smile makeover is a treatment or combination of treatments that our doctors custom design to enhance the appearance of your unique smile. For some, a smile makeover may be as simple as a teeth whitening session.  Others require a more comprehensive [...]

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Kicking the Tobacco Habit is Good for your Mouth

Kicking the Tobacco Habit Lowers Risk of Oral Cancer While the current percentage of Americans who smoke cigarettes is the lowest it’s been in decades.  Those who continue the habit remain at risk for heart, lung disease and oral cancer.  While we know smoking is also bad for our dental health, most don’t understand [...]

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What is plaque?

Plaque Is Bacteria What is plaque? Most people have heard of the word “plaque,” and know it’s not something you want on your teeth. Yet, they don’t know what exactly plaque is or how it contributes to dental decay. Plaque is a sticky, colorless film of bacteria that lives on the surface [...]

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Teeth Sealants Prevent Decay

Teeth sealants are thin layers of “tooth-colored” filler, called resin, that is placed in the pits, fissures, and grooves of the back teeth, or molars, to prevent decay from forming on these surfaces. Frequently, decay begins on molars in the pits and chewing surfaces. This starts shortly after the teeth erupt and for the first [...]

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Dr. Carlo Litano- Dentist in Bradenton

Dr. Litano recently joined BayView Dental's Bradenton office. Dr. Litano offers general dentistry such as fillings, crowns and root canals. He passionate about dentistry and continues advancing his knowledge with his interests focused in cosmetic and integrative dentistry. Read more about Dr. Litano by clicking this link. If you are looking for a dentist in [...]

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