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Energy Drinks…bad for teeth? Should You Worry?

Energy Drinks = Bad for Teeth The hard clack of cleats echo about as your “little” sports hero rushes to get out of the house … soon to be late for practice. Armed with all they’ll need for a day in the sun, their equipment bag is packed and slung awkwardly over one shoulder, bursting [...]

The Ultimate Smile Makeover

Read the Article Here - Scene July 2016 Issue Are you unhappy with your smile  or are you considering a smile makeover?   Smiles are a powerful part of our beauty arsenal, credited with lighting up a face or an entire room.  They can also transform a face from nice to radiant.  Thankfully, with modern cosmetic [...]

Dr. Carlo Litano- Dentist in Bradenton

Dr. Litano recently joined BayView Dental's Bradenton office. Dr. Litano offers general dentistry such as fillings, crowns and root canals. He passionate about dentistry and continues advancing his knowledge with his interests focused in cosmetic and integrative dentistry. Read more about Dr. Litano by clicking this link. If you are looking for a dentist in [...]